The Real Deal

B.Y.B. is comprised of two brothers, from different mothers…and different continents to boot.

Vince "D'Vinci Durrell" Coulson is an R&B soul singer from LA California and Leroy Shines Moncrieffe is a British/Jamaican Mc/Rapper/Singer, and together they make up the duo B.Y.B (British Yanky Brothers).

The pair met whilst performing as members of a UK Motown tribute act. Upon meeting they formed an immediate musical bond and decided to blend they're respective genres to create a fresh and unique style dubbed, "Reggae/ Soul/Pop".

After recording a couple of tunes, (just to test the waters), they both realised they had something truly special, and embarked on recording an entire CD.

The album called "Bitz and Pieces" is an eclectic body of work which include pumping wind inducing tracks such as "A Zone" and heart felt tunes like "We'll Meet Again" and a positive message tune, urging listeners to value the simple things in life called "Oh What a Thing”.

So if you're looking for some refreshing Reggae vibes, with a hint of R&B and Pop energy, you'll absolutely LOVE "Bits and Pieces”!



True Stars In The Making

There are many ways to describe these two gents: unique, talented and charismatic, singing honestly from the soul, combining art, story and song.



Shiplife Productions

Leroy's passion for videography all started while cruising the Atlantic ocean. With a little down time in between shows, he was able to find another avenue within the entertainment business to occupy his time. Over the years, Leroy studied hard at video production and has now produced many varied video projects for other artists under the pseudonym name "Shiplife Productions".

Shaun.e.b - Bio.jpg


The Rest Is History

 Shaun.e.b is a truly versatile singer with the ability to perform music from the roots of reggae up to modern day pop spanning from the early 60's to the present day.

Throughout Shaun.e.b's career he has been lucky enough to work in many countries around the world and has released singles in several european countries. Shaun.e.b has been performing across the UK and Europe since 1996 and it was at one of these gigs in London he met Shines who was also performing at the same venue and the rest is history.

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Entertainment Cooking Show

Shines Kitchen is an entertainment cooking show created by Leroy shines Moncrieffe based around cooking Jamaican cuisine in a simplified way. The show is also aimed at giving up and coming artistes a platform to showcase their talent. In fact Shaun.e.b was the first guest artiste to appear and perform on the show..


Leroy Shines Moncrieffe

Look forward to much more coming from this exciting talent as he embarks on various solo and group projects, writing, producing, singing and performing original music!