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Leroy shines Moncrieffe is a singer songwriter, MC, videographer, editor, producer and founder of Shiplife Productions. Leroy knew from an early age what he wanted to do after watching and mimicking his then idol Michael Jackson which was to sing and dance. At the tender age of 12 Leroy joined his first band which was his school band and they performed at most of the school events. He later continued his passion for singing and dancing by studying performing arts, dance and drama at college. After college Leroy became more and more confident and started entering singing competitions using the stage name Shines. It was winning these competitions which brought shines to travelling as the first prize place were holidays. It was from then on, shines also wanted to travel.

In 2006 he auditioned for an American Motown tribute vocal group (based in the UK) and fortunately was selected as a member of the group. He began training soon thereafter and travelled to Atlanta Georgia, which is where the groups leader is from. Little did he know what was to follow... TV appearances, singing and dancing in front of audiences of thousands and the one thing he’d always wanted to do with his gifts, which is to travel the world as a performer, and believe me there has been to this day, lots of that!

In 2012 he got the opportunity to put his vocal skills to good use once again, performing on Pitbull’s single “Don’t Stop The Party” as a Scorccio Sample Replay which charted and went double Platinum.

Now in 2021 Leroy Shines can add music video production to his credit.